Protein (grilling a chicken breast doesn’t make me happy)

It is often said that diet is 80% of reaching your fitness goals, and whilst I’m not sure it’s that high (getting enough sleep plays a big role too) it’s certainly more key to achieving the results I want to achieve than I have been prepared to admit before now.

The good news is that the kind of diet (by which I mean ‘eating regime’, not ‘reduction in intake or calories’) that best suits weightlifting-oriented goals is fairly straightforward and easy to manage – it’s mostly lean protein and green/salad vegetables, with some complex carbs at different amounts and times of day, depending on what works for you.

And that’s the problem I have.

I love to cook (I also love to eat, and at 30 I’m still tied as to which one I prefer, but that’s another thing) and the simplicity of the clean eating diet that goes with my weightlifting goals just isn’t scratching the itch I have to get in the kitchen and cook something more involved than putting some chicken under the grill, and steaming some veggies.

So, yesterday I did a workshop with Anna Sward of Protein Pow. Anna is a protein powder masterchef, finding ways and means to turn all varieties of protein powders into delicious foodstuffs. My thoughts on the day are for another post, but I am hoping that my adventures in cooking with protein will scratch that itch, without derailing my diet too much.

[A side note about protein-oriented diets: I got some feedback on social media yesterday, asking why you would bother to pay for protein powders etc when you could just eat more protein at mealtimes. There are a few responses to that – firstly, I eat five meals a day, some of which are protein shakes, so the traditional idea of ‘mealtimes’ doesn’t really work for me; secondly, eating grilled chicken five times a day is something I find soul-destroyingly boring. But mostly, I choose to supplement my diet with natural protein powders because it helps my achieve my goals and stay on track.]

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