Being stronger

About four months ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to lift weights – proper, big weights. I’ve been training twice – three times per week since then, and I’m loving it.

When I tell people, I get one of two reactions: some people nod along and smile, but some seem concerned. “What, like one of those awful female bodybuilders, with the gravy-granule colouring and tiny pink bikini?”. Ha! Not for me, thanks – I prefer my gravy over a roast.

reebok barbellI also get two reactions from guys in the gym (and, let’s be honest, it’s almost solely guys in the weights room) – some look skeptical, but most have given me approving nods when they clock that I’m working on building strength, and they’re pretty supportive.

I also have a brilliant trainer, who doesn’t let me wimp out. This has been crucial to my training.

Given the growing interest in women lifting weights, I thought I might start jotting down my thoughts on it, and tracking my development, in case anyone else out there is thinking of doing the same…

Do it. It’s freaking brilliant!

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