Adventures on two wheels

So, bit of an adventure today – I managed to cycle 44.5 miles, to Egham and back!

Knees are a bit sore and my butt is killing me, but otherwise I feel good.  We did 44.5 miles in a total time (roughly, as I wasn’t being scientific with starting and stopping my cycle tracker) of just over 4 hours.  We split the outbound journey in to two, stopping just after Kew for a coffee; after a three-hour lunch and rest in Egham, we headed back, stopping at Chiswick to refuel and carry on.  According to Cyclemeter, we burned over 2100 calories each in the process.

Why?  Why the hell would anyone cycle to Staines and back?!  Well… we’re shortly headed out on an adventure – we are going to cycle to Bruges for a weekend.  We’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now, planning the trip, and today’s ride out was a test to see how we dealt with that mush distance and saddle-time.

The journey will be about 125 miles overall, traveling from Dover to Dunkirk by ferry.  We’re going to split the London – Dover leg in to two, stopping overnight in Gillingham at the end of day one, taking the ferry at the end of day two and staying overnight in Dunkirk, and arriving in Bruges on the Sunday night, the day before my birthday.

The plan is then to spend two nights in Bruges, at a lovely four-star hotel, eat as much moules-frites and chocolate and drink as much beer as I can get into my body (having burned 6000 calories on the way over!) and then head home on the Eurostar on the Tuesday evening.

Plans are afoot for kit; we’ve been testing bags and the packing skills we’ve honed traveling cabin-baggage only on long weekends away, and I’m confident we can manage it.

Had you asked me ten years ago if I would ever cycle that far for fun, or for a break, I’d have laughed at you.  It may therefore be a surprise (it was to me) that this was my idea…

More to come.  Now, stretches and bed.

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