In which I shed the last remnants of shame

I went running for the first time in my trisuit tonight.  Got a few funny looks.  Hardly surprising – it’s an incredibly thin (but absolutely opaque) and doesn’t hide much, and it’s not what normal people run in.

I feel like I have very little shame left to shed.  The facilities people at my new job have been kind enough to give me a big locker – but it’s right in the corridor where everyone enters the building in the morning, so I’m bumping in to all those industry peers and new colleagues from the last six years to recent weeks as I’m stood all sweaty and red in my post-cycling lyrca.  Going out alongside the general public in my trisuit was really the last remaining bit of shame I had left.

Bad news: the run SUCKED.  I really, really need to do more running; I’ve been really lazy and I need to get on it.  Reminded me of my old school grades for sports: “C+: could do better”.  So – more running.

Good news: the trisuit is AWESOME.  Really, genuinely comfortable, supportive but not tight, and really great for running in heat.

Other news: ran up to the Parliament Hill Lido (which, it transpires, is a whopping 10 minutes from my house) and found out about swimming sessions.  £2.50 for an adult from 6.45 to 8pm – sounds reasonable.  It’ll hopefully help me acclimatise to cold water.

Yet more news: got my email through today about the VLM Training Day on 22nd July.  Apparently I definitely need a wetsuit… any views on that?  Have you done an open ater triathlon without one?

So: running, wetsuit, more wearing of trisuit.  Not to the pub, naturally…

Big cycle on Sunday. Watch this space.

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2 Responses to In which I shed the last remnants of shame

  1. lil bro says:

    Becky has a wetsuit here – 2mm shorty – should be good for over your tri suit, not too restrictive either. I was in the sea in Pembrokeshire a few weeks ago in a 3mm shorty with no undersuit and I was fine for about an hour and a half, and that wasn’t with any exertion.

    We’re also going to Wales over the next few weeks so could pick up some of her other suits if you want, she thinks she has a 3mm long suit we could bring up if you’re interested

    • Potentially, but I think I’m going to rent one for the season – they’re specifically cut for triathlons, and I’ll need all the help I can get…

      Thank you to Becky though! xx

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