Eurgh. Hurts.

So, tonight, I rather ambitiously got off my bike – after my 5 mile commute from work – and went for a run.  I managed 1.6k before I gave up… and now, three hours later, I don’t want to move anywhere.

Two reasons:

– I didn’t feed my muscles the rights things before I did all that exercise.  They didn’t have a lot of fuel to burn, and so they didn’t work efficiently and they haven’t recovered well.  I’m going to regret that in the morning.

– I haven’t run for about a month. BAD IDEA.  Note to self: get running more.

On the plus side, I picked up my trisuit and new cycling gloves today.  Jury still out on the gloves (I think they’d be great for regular bars but for the drop bars on my road bike, where most of the pressure is on the web between my index finger and thumb, they’re not 100% comfortable – yet) but the suit is aces.  Revelation – doesn’t make me look like a whale.  Namely because I’ve never seen a whale with RED GO-FASTER STRIPES. Yeah, take that, triathlon – I’ve got stripes and I’m coming for you…

Also: new cycle helmet tomorrow.  I lovelovelove my Bern and it looks great on the slopes but ‘sweaty head’ is not a good look for a new job – I need something with vents.

Reviews of kit coming soon – promise.

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