Learning to love my cleats

Cycling to work this morning, I did not want to get off my bike.  The weather was glorious and I just wanted to keep riding around and around… it helps that I get to cycle across the river (Waterloo Bridge for anyone who’s interested – not Blackfriars! Terrible for cyclists; not Southwark, because I don’t like cycling through the City as cabs are rushing people about) which is beautiful, and makes me feel really connected to my city.

After work I cycled home, and even through my ride is almost twice as long time-wise than my previous commute, I loved it.  I arrived home sweaty and happy, and feeling great.

And then it hit me.  I love my shoes.  Just a handful of weeks after I considered putting my old pedals back on (yeah, I didn’t blog that bit…) I honestly love the cleats.  I love the increased power I get going up hills, and the extra push on the flat; I love the sense that I’m working out more of my legs than before.  I feel like I can put more in – and get more out.

Also: maybe it’s the weather, but I’ve come to realise recently that I don’t just cycle-commute because it’s cheaper and better for me – it genuinely has become my favourite way to travel around London.  Having spent two weeks at the mercy of unpredictable cross-city trains and tourist-filled sweat-box tube carriages, I really love being able to get to work under my own steam, not relying on anyone else.

What can I say?  It seems a certain someone has converted me into a cyclist… Well done him.  For now, I have a few cycling-related seeds of ideas rattling around in my head, which may grow into projects in the future – let’s wait and see.

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2 Responses to Learning to love my cleats

  1. little bro says:

    cycling, wine and cheese holidays in the south of france?

    • Wine and cycling is a dangerous combination, although on the windy lanes in the south of France doesn’t perhaps have the ‘imminent death’ association that cycling tipsy around central London does.

      But no – something a bit more concrete than that… What are you doing on my birthday weekend? 😉

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