Update (on the hoof)

Sorry for the absence – much going on.  In short, I’ve had a couple of quite big exams and started a new job in the last three weeks, plus there were a few days abroad and I have two more exams this Saturday coming. Busy busy.

I haven’t been great at sticking to my training, either – I haven’t run since May and I haven’t cycled regularly.  I have, however, made my peace with the cross trainer, which was a revelation – and a credit to my improved fitness compared to a couple of years ago, when my CV system and leg muscles just couldn’t cope with the damned thing.

Other good news: new job has great cycling facilities, including secure parking and decent showers, so I’m back to cycling in.  It’s a bit further than my last job – a little over 5 miles door-to-door – and means I’m burning more calories.  It’s also closer to the distance I’ll be cycling in the triathlon, which is good.  Plus – it has a gym, which is both well-equipped (if small) and £2.50 a month, so I’ll be joining that in the next few weeks too.

Also: getting used to the shoes and cleats, more of which to come later.

Stuff I need to think about in the short-term:

– I need a trisuit.  At the moment I’m leaning towards the Heroine Black and Red trisuit from Trigirl (anyone out there have any opinions on women’s trisuits?)

– I need some new cycling gloves.  Mine are tatty and a bit grim (but at £7 and for two years’ use I’m not complaining)

– I need to look at wetsuits, and start swimming outside.  Parliament Hill Lido here I come! (errkk…)

– checking out the course.  My exam on Saturday gone was at Excel, and my desk was looking out on to Royal Victoria docks, which was nice – but I want to head back there with my bike and cycle the route, to see what it’s like (and maybe even time myself?!)

– fundraising.  Not sure… more to come on that too.

That’s it for now – promise to post more often… maybe even some photos, who knows.


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