What the hell happened?!

I’m about to hire a wetsuit.

I’m still harbouring quite a bit of disbelief that I’m doing this.  Me.  Picked last in games.  Who wouldn’t go diving with her little bro because ‘wetsuits look gross’ (yes, I was that airhead… sigh).

In the last three days I’ve spent nearly £200 on this triathlon.  I’m going to follow with a post about kit, but let me just say this: triathlons are EXPENSIVE.

I’m hiring the wetsuit for the season, so I’ll be able to practice swimming in it (again, what?!) which is going to be odd.  My bike shoes and cleats are on order, and I’ll been looking at trisuits (not included in the £200 so far, gulp).

This better be worth it.

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One Response to What the hell happened?!

  1. little bro says:

    go diving – it’s worth it 🙂

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