Ramping it up

Apparently, people are reading this blog. *waves*

That means I have to do it.  I have to do the triathlon.


Other news: tried a slightly different tactic with my running tonight – running at higher speeds, then lower speeds, alternated.  I’m aiming to be able to run 3k at 11km/h like the marathon-running friends of mine I mentioned in a previous post.  So tonight I started at 10km/k, dropped to a lower speed for a bit, then back up etc.

Interesting experiment.  Mostly, it hurt – and I was gasping for a air a bit.  So, more training needed, but it’s a start.  Am going to keep dropping in these faster-paced bits in future runs, to improve fitness.

Because that’s really why I’m here.  I want to be healthier.  I want to improve and extend my life as much as I can – I’ve got a lot to do.

Stats: 2.47k, 18:34, 152 calories

Treadmill playlist highlight: Hole – Skinny Little Bitch

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