Motivation and amazing women

I am surrounded by amazing women.

I draw a huge amount of strength from these amazing women – their support, their advice, their comfort.  But mostly, with regard to my training, their ballsy attitudes and reluctance to give up – and their brilliant mantras that keep them, and me, going.

Well behaved women never make history.

Go hard or go home.

Be pretty on rest days.

I’m planning to post some of the inspiring blogs and website I stumble across on my travels and training, and I’ll start with this: Spikes and Heels, from the fabulous Muireann of Bangs and a Bun.  Finding that running helped her physical and mental health (YES! This!), she set up Team Bangs on the Run, and the latter is her mantra.  

She’s right.  No more thinking about what I look like in padded cycle shorts, or that I’m sweaty and my hair is wild when I’m done running.  It’s normal.  It’s good.  Be pretty on rest days.

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