Sometimes, it’s a numbers game

Some days I can get on the treadmill and run, and it feels easy and comfortable and I enjoy it.  Other days, I get on and it’s hard, and not comfortable, and I don’t so much want to be there.  Today was one of the latter.

On days like that, I distract myself by counting down – metres on the treadmill, or tracks on my iPod.  It’s not fun, but it keeps me moving until I reach my goal distance.  It also keeps my brain active!

I count down in blocks of 500m, one fifth done, two fifths done – I get roughly one song per 500m.  I count milestones – 1.25k, half way there; 1.8k, two thirds etc.  As it gets harder, I count own the last 500m in tens, waiting to hit ‘Cool Down’ and be able to breathe normally again. I spent most of my run counting.

On days where it’s not fun, I find this keeps me going.  What do you do to keep yourself moving?

Stats (between warm up and cool down): 2.5k, 18:34, 184 calories burned.

Treadmill playlist highlight: NIN – 1,000,000

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