Little by little

So, second run after the cold (I say after – it’s still hanging around, annoying and snotty) and another little bit of progress – I managed 2.5k in less than 20 minutes, running at 8.2k per hour – this is the fastest I’ve ever run for that long.

No joke.  Picked last in games, remember?

I’m really pleased – I don’t feel knackered, my legs don’t hurt.  This is good, because it means I will want to get up again tomorrow and do it all again.  In some ways I feel a bit embarrassed – quite few friends are running the London Marathon on Sunday, and they’ve been doing 20-mile runs etc in the last few months, so me banging on about 2.5k feels pretty daft.  That said, 2.5k is my milestone, not theirs, and that’s all that should matter.

To anyone who is training, like me, from new-to-running to your first few kilometres, I would strongly recommend you consider sipping some soluble amino acids throughout your run – they help me hugely in muscle recovery, and make the difference between being creaky and stiff the following morning, and being able to bounce out of bed and want to go running… which means less disillusionment and more commitment.

In the meantime – Friday treat!  Rioja reserva and some blue cheese – get in.  Happy weekend!

Treadmill playlist highlight: Korn – Got The Life

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