But why?!

It’s something I’ve been asking myself a lot since I knew I would be taking part.  I’m not sure I know what inspired me, to be honest; I became aware of the triathlon via a friend, and I went to look at the site.  The super-sprint distance looked sort-of manageable with some intense training, so I entered the ballot, and I never thought I’d get drawn.

I got drawn.

There’s a deeper question of why behind this.  Those who know me will know I’ve taken on rather a lot of late: I’m studying part-time whilst working full-time, I’ve become a director of a very exciting new project, and now I’m training for this.  The decision to take on so much has not really been collective, or conscious; I’m aware that I’m approaching 30, and that in the next five years my life may change (kids, anyone?), which would mean less time for things I want to achieve for myself.

I’m a lot more confident in myself than I used to be, and in the last two years I’ve become a lot fitter.  I started cycling to work, thanks to the encouragement of my partner, and he’s helping me with my training for the triathlon.  My friends are on a similar mission; several are running the London Marathon at the end of this month.

I’m never going to run the marathon, but a little triathlon – sure, why not.  30 – bring it.

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